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amalia, ca 1900

There is a 50% chance that this is the Grandmother with the Hole in the Head. When my grandfather Franz was a little boy, his mother and their maids did a thorough spring cleaning every year.  Not content to just sweep up dust and clean out closets, this spring cleaning also included taking pictures off of walls […]

anna and celia, ca 1900

Chaje/Anna Fenning Blaustein, unknown Blaustein baby and Czippe/Celia Fenning Buxbaum, ca. 1900 At his grandfather Frank‘s funeral in 1936, my grandfather Bill remembers waiting for the hired cars to take him, his parents, aunts, uncles and cousins from the memorial service to the cemetery (I don’t remember if this is actually part of the story, but I […]

emil, ca 1902

Sometimes, I speculate about the nature of my great-grandparents’ marriage. My great-grandfather Emil was a young widower with a 3-year old child when he married Helene 10 months after the tuberculosis death of his first wife, Rosalia. Helene was a somewhat of a spinster by 1908’s norms: at 34, this was her first marriage.  The […]

rona, ca 1911

A short story I learned last night: Like many small children, my great-grandmother Rona once decided to run away from home.  I sort of think it could have been over a grave injustice (such as putting away her toys) imposed by her mother (who was almost obsessive about house-cleaning), but this information has unfortunately been lost to […]

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past faces