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charlotte, ca 1917

My great-grandmother Charlotte was a liar. I didn’t know this when I was small – in those 8 years we spent in the same world – and I’m not sure anyone else alive during those 8 years knew it either. If I weren’t a snoop, no one would know she had lied about anything, and […]

henry, ca 1930

The other night, I saw an Our Gang short that featured a lot of impressive ear-wiggling. Not only were the girls onscreen entranced by the mysterious ear maneuverings of their male counterparts, but I was too. Mostly because I wanted to know how the hell one little boy could wiggle his ears so damn well. […]

rona and charlie, march 10, 1935

Yesterday, I was working with someone else on organizing his family photographs and I was slightly jealous, seeing the sheer number of photos this family had taken and posed for on their myriad travels around the world. I’m not completely sure why I was jealous, because it isn’t as though I come from a family […]

belle, october 1942

My grandfather’s cousin Belle was born in New York, grew up in Detroit and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1940s. She was a businesswoman owning, according to my mom, a company that manufactured reeds for musical instruments, Her death certificate says she was a owner of a music production company of some kind. […]

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past faces