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charlotte hurdus

charlotte, ca 1930

Charlotte is in the black bathing suit, third from the left

In honor of the unseasonably hot weather currently hovering over Southern California, here is a summer-time picture of my great-grandmother Charlotte and some other ladies at Cobbosseecontee Lake near Winthrop, Maine in the 1930s. Charlotte and her husband Harry would stay at the lodge at the lake for part of the summer while their son Billy was a camper at Camp Cobbossee nearby. According to Billy, there was a part of the lake that was fenced off under water with netting, to form a fishless swimming pool of sorts within the fishy lake. Here, Charlotte would practice her head-above-water breast-stroke and presumably put these other mothers to shame with her athletic prowess and comparatively much better fitting bathing costume.

Charlotte Hurdus Fenning (1893-1989) and unknown ladies


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