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charlotte, 1910

Charlotte, ca 1918 New York Herald, May 15, 1910 New York Herald, May 22, 1910 In 1910, my great-grandmother placed these job wanted ads in the New York Herald.  I could only find two of them — for consecutive weeks in May — and I am taking that as evidence she found the position she […]

ethel, 1918

It was my grandmother’s 93rd birthday yesterday. Ethel Kalisch Hoffer (1918-1991)

daniel and fanny, ca 1927

My great-great-grandparents Daniel and Fanny got married, at least in part, because Fanny’s twin sister was a good cook. I’ve written about this story before, but to refresh your memory, Fanny was apparently very bad in the kitchen, while her twin sister, whose name I don’t know, was considerably more gifted culinarily-speaking. When prospective suitor […]

rose, ca 1895

I’ve mentioned my great-great-great aunt Rose several times in the sidelines of other people’s stories:  she took her niece, my great-grandmother Rona, to Hawaii in 1926, she went and picked up her father and youngest sister to bring them to America in 1908, and her brother Max was living with her when he killed himself in 1904.  But Rose was […]

sadie (and bill), 1924

Billy, ca 1923 When my grandfather Bill was about 3 – the age he is in the picture here – he and his mother Charlotte went to go visit her parents in the Bronx. They lived in Newark, New Jersey at the time, so it wasn’t a long trip, and it’s one they had made […]

rona and stanley, july 4, 1914

South Shore Improvement Association parade, July 4, 1914 When my cousins and I were smaller than we are now, most of our family gatherings were capped by shows that we put on in the family room in front of the fireplace – or on the pool deck across from the house. The subjects of these […]

william, 1916

William Kalisch, ca 1916 One day when I was maybe 8 or 9, my grandmother Ethel brought out a box of old photographs and we went through them together.  I don’t recall if she did this at my request, or if there was some other reason she took them out.  I also don’t have memories of any […]

charlie, december 1918

Camp Humphries, Va., December 21, 1918 When my great-grandfather Charlie was a boy, he really wanted a pony. Owning a horse wasn’t within his family’s means, because they were quite poor. Indeed, all the brothers and sisters except for Sidney, the youngest, didn’t get much past junior high school because they needed to get to […]

dad, 1956

dad In recognition of last Sunday being Fathers’ Day, here is a cute picture of my dad in 1956, wearing a USC football sweater.

the bass family house, ca 1930s

the house I talk a lot about people but not much about the places in which they lived unless it is somehow incidental to the particular story at hand. Doing this, however, ignores some of the subtle context of the lives under discussion — maybe their home has no overt role to play in the […]

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past faces