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chaje and michael, 1889

Anna/Chaje Fenning Blaustein, unknown baby Blaustein and Celia/Czippe Fenning Buxbaum, ca 1890s In late summer 1889, my great-great-great grandfather Michael Pfenig and his youngest daughter Chaje made the trip from their small shtetl of Zmigrod (in what is now Poland) to New York City. They sailed via Hamburg on a ship called the SS Hammonia […]

anna and celia, ca 1900

Chaje/Anna Fenning Blaustein, unknown Blaustein baby and Czippe/Celia Fenning Buxbaum, ca. 1900 At his grandfather Frank‘s funeral in 1936, my grandfather¬†Bill¬†remembers waiting for the hired cars to take him, his parents, aunts, uncles and cousins from the memorial service to the cemetery (I don’t remember if this is actually part of the story, but I […]

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past faces